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Pricing Guide


How do we calculate your Translation, Proofreading or Editing cost?


Pricing for translations projects is determined by several factors:

  • The number of source words
  • Complexity of the subject matter
  • The time required to complete the assignment*

o   Translations: 1300-2000 words per day

o   Proofreading &  Editing: 2000-4000 words per day


Pricing for proofreading is charged based on the number of words in the document and the level of proofreading that is required.

o   Light proofreading: minor changes in punctuation, spelling, grammar

o   Moderate proofreading: many spelling and grammar corrections, some rewriting

o   Heavy proofreading: extensive rewriting


Optional Services:         

o   Notarization (per page) $10.00

o   Additional certified copies (each page) $5.00


All your documents will be handled with strict confidentiality


 * Pricing for rush translations is typically 30% above the normal rates.